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  8. জবস
  9. জাতীয়
  10. তথ্যপ্রযুক্তি
  11. পাঁচমিশালী
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10 Small Business Ideas for college kids in Bangladesh

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So, you’d wish to start out a business as a student? Though students spend most of their time for study motive; some have run their businesses and showed well.


You would like not be very dynamic to conduct alittle scale business (eg. online blogging). But you’ve to possess time managing skill to continue with both ways studying and conducting your small business as a student.

Yasin Hossain Rakib

Here I even have listed 10 Small Business Ideas for school kids in Bangladesh. I Hope you’ll find the specified one.

These ideas were selected by conducting primary surveys. These are small-scale businesses, and any student can handle who may be a minimum of 18 years old or have finished H. S. C. level.

In Bangladesh, these business ideas are often utilized because the demand for these goods and services are always at high. Few of them are quite common , and few aren’t .

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Undergo these ideas and choose one that’s perhaps the only money earning idea for you.
Remember, these are only business ideas, not business roadmap.

You would like to accumulate business wisdom, write a business roadmap, and develop experience of the related field if possible before utilizing any of these ideas.

10 Small Business Ideas for college kids in Bangladesh

Personal Tutoring Service

It is not a singular idea to earn money. It’s already common in Bangladesh. you’ll start tutoring other students. it’ll provide you with an opportunity to distribute knowledge, practice and gain new knowledge, and earn money also .

Event Planning & Organizing

Event planning isn’t a typical profession yet, but being popular day by day. you’ll organize different student parties, birthday celebration etc. But during this business, the initial cost is high; also, the danger is high also .

Trading Secondhand Books

University books are very expensive. So, what students do, they buy old books for a specific semester. you’ll collect books of varied subjects, and sell them to people who need those books.

Selling Old Mobile Phones

Buy used mobile phones, and market them for profit. Not a huge deal, but can earn a huge amount of money . It also doesn’t take much time to conduct.

Start Personal Blogging

Personal blogging isn’t a standard idea yet. you would like to possess expertise on a topic to start out out writing. Also, you’ll express your personal opinion on anything just like the economy, politics etc. Your earning are getting to be generated by online ad agencies.

Open a Youtube Channel

You have expertise on anything eg. Music? And you would like to show it online? If yes, this concept is great for you. Make video tutorial, run a Youtube channel and share those videos. you’ll be able to earn by monetizing with the help of Google Adsense.

Freelance Writing

You have adroit skills in writing any quite essay? If yes, you’ll start working online and start your career as a student. It doesn’t take much time. There are contractual operations. one among the foremost popular online freelancing companies is Upwork. Register with them and begin working.

Start SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO stands for program Optimization. most of the web site depends on SEO. By watching SEO setup, a search engine measures a website’s relevancy.

The desire for SEO experts will always be on top. this is often not diligence . Any student can roll in the hay . Go and Google the term “SEO”, you will have many tutorials thereon .

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You’ll also use Youtube to possess tutorials on SEO. you’ll start working with Upwork, because they supply SEO related jobs.

Earn by working as a Academic Project Instructor in Your University

Are you a university student? Have enough knowledge on developing projects? In university, students got to do many kinds of educational projects like finance project, management, or accounting. you’ll work as an educator and start earning money.

In Conclusion

These business ideas are suitable for school kids in BD. As these all are small business ideas, these aren’t hugely capital intensive.

It means these ideas don’t require huge amount of investment to start out out from small scale. But you’d wish to figure hard and provides it time to make money. this is often why I selected only these ideas for school kids .

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