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Bangladesh sees all-But 13 rape case each day

  নিউজ ডেস্ক
মে ৩০, ২০২১ ৬:৫০ অপরাহ্ণ

It is a regular incidents of Bangladesh. Each day when the newspaper and news TV channel is opened, the news of rape is heard! It is silly thing in the world. Bangladesh sees all-But 13 rape case each day. It’s dangerous than corona epidemic.

According to The business standard report “Bangladesh has 11,682 incidents per 100,000 people among the total population with 9.82 rape rate.

Hamid Hossen

According to the local human rights organizations Ain-o-Salish Kendra (ASK), between January and September 2020, at least 975 rape cases were reported in Bangladesh, including 208 gang-rapes” and other credible report of The dhaka tribune” since last three months 20 Madrassah students were raped”

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However, after being exhausted, I am being to raise some questions about it and will try give some answer.

Why is rape occurring?

It’s all about mindset! Rapists have several kinds of excuses and justification. Its alleged women are raped for their outfits.

Does the dressup provoke?

Rapists are always used to saying that girls wear shorts clothe and that makes us greedy about them. If cloth does matters to rape, so how come women with Borqa (veil) are victimized to rape. And why are women clad in sarees falling prey to rape?

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Another oft-reasons is makeup. Rapists blame that women put lipsticks to lure men! If lipsticks or make-up does such things, so why are five-month-old children raped! Why are the centenarians being raped.

According to Dhaka tribune report, A 70-year-old woman was raped on 30 September 2020, in Purbo Shilmondi village of Sadar Upazila.

Are they adorning themselves to lure men?
Why are patients of coma being raped? And how come autistic and disable women are being raped?

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Clothes or makeup don’t occur rapes but our mentality does it.

Who is the rapist?

Rape takes place in the religious area, school and own home! Religious preachers teachers and relative are involved in such commendable work.

Each day we hear that religious leader rapes women when they go to gain knowledge about religion. Teachers rape them when they go to study. And relative rape blackmailing.

Girls even are not safe in their home. Sometimes it’s heard that the drunk father rapes daughters, brother rapes sister.

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Even a mother is raped by her son! After being raped when a woman rushes to the police station to file a case, some dishonest police try to take advantage of it.

That means from family members to lawmakers are rapist.

What should be the remedy for rapes?

There is no certain remedy for it. Firstly, we have to change our mindset about women. We have to ensure their safety outside of the home and inside of the home.

And the government have to ensure capital punishment for it against rapists. And women have to file cases against it.

If they tolerate such things silently, then our next generation will be horrible. We have to educate our nation about sexual abuses.

Solution of rape

To solve this problem, two sorts of challenges have to be faced!

Technical problem

There is no rapid action against the rapist. Firstly we have to ensure proper punishments against the rapist.

And each and everyone has to be brought to the book. And have to find a particular amount of fine so that they scare to do such thing.

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If possible, the government have to ensure capital punishment, life sentence or the death penalty.

To sum, the government have to increase law enforcement.

Adaptive problems

Adaptive problems are caused by our mentality or social concepts. If any girls get raped, we deem them as the biggest criminal or we treat them like they have committed the biggest sins.

Therefore, we have to ensure that the victims be treated with dignity. And we have to create awareness and convince about it to people.

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So that during the marriage, no girls have to be assaulted for being raped. And we have to empower women not to fear it.

We have to train them up and empower them to file cases against the rapist if they face such problems in future.

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