Reverence to Palestinian patriotism and patience -
সোমবার , ৩১ মে ২০২১ | ৮ই অগ্রহায়ণ, ১৪২৮ বঙ্গাব্দ
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Reverence to Palestinian patriotism and patience

ইয়াসিন হোসেন রাকিব
মে ৩১, ২০২১ ৪:১৮ অপরাহ্ণ

Ongoing war crimes against innocent civilians. History says Palestinian was a peaceful and spectacular country.

Now Palestinian has become hell. A big boss remains back for this kinda inhumane task.

Najmul Hassan

According to so-called humanist, it’s a conflict. But the matter of great regret that, it’s not a conflict rather it’s ethnic cleansing. Israeli troops are doing heinous attacks.

Hostilities, brutalities and atrocities against valid Palestinians. In the name of conflict, they’re trying to eliminate Palestinian’s from the holy land.

Matter of humanity that, except some sellouts, spineless and cowards all are paying their huge condemnation and protest against inhumanity.

This isn’t about religion, culture rather this is about humanity. Some raised their voice against apartheid brutality and cruelty.

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Many soulless beings have no conscience. They have no mercy and compassion. I vehemently condemn them. Rigorous shame on them. But the matter of pride that, despite being tortured by Zionist, Palestinian didn’t give up.

In the truest sense, they’re an unshakable and fearless warrior. There are valiant and dedicated. They’re a true believer.

I wonder about their unbreakable faith in Almighty. Anticipate that, by the will of Allah they will redeem them from the yoke of apartheid cruelty. Palestine was, is and will remain forever.

Often I ponder and feel sad for greedy human beings. The question remains, why they remain silent?

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Remaining silent isn’t an option. Regardless of opinion and religion, we should show our fraternity and solidarity with the truth and justice. Palestine needs our vigorous support.

They want justice. They want freedom of speech and freedom of procession. They want to see a country without dictators and genocide. They want democratic leadership. They want their constitutional rights.

Through this blog, I urge everyone, don’t be biased and heedless. Pray and stand with Palestine.

It’s aesthetic and tremendous to see that, people are showing their brotherhood and support with Palestine. Thanks to everyone who showed their humanity and kindness towards Palestinians. I admire and applause your concern.

If Allah wills then Palestine will be free from the river to the sea. There’s no power without a creator.

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Let’s not forget he is the lord of this parallel universe. He is the owner of everything. Reverence to Palestinian’s patriotism and patience.

They’re descendants of truth. May Almighty annihilate the oppressors from the map. May Almighty shower his uncountable blessings on the oppressed.

May Almighty strengthen the resistance. There’s no denying that, the tyrant will be eradicated from the earth. Prayers, support and strength to Palestinians.

Strongly condemn this kinda reprehensible and indefensible task. Without verbal protest, I have nothing to do.

Nevertheless, you can do protest through social media, you can make awareness about ongoing racism, fascism, fanaticism, Zionism and all kinda suppression.

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If you stand against inhumanity then you’re not antisemitic. My sincere request to everyone doesn’t be heartless. Speak up against massacre and child abuse.

This is what, Palestinian are facing every day. If you read about Palestine’s ancient history, then you will comprehend that, Israel treacherous.

They’re more hazardous than poison. In the blank of an eye, they can break their promise. This is what, we have seen already.

Stop suppression, aerial bombardment. They need a lifelong ceasefire. They need a country without blockade and wreckage.

Hopeful that, our dead brain will wake up soon. This colonialism must be halted. This isn’t the etiquette of human beings.

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This is the etiquette of evil. Cease unlawful eviction and merciless oppression. On the contrary, they have to pay price on the day of judgement.

Pray so that, Palestine gets victory against filthy barbarism and unacceptable occupation. Be a voice of Palestine. Be a voice against fierce violence.

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